girls doc

Eric McCulley
Girls' Director of Coaching

Professional Experience:  YMCA Youth Summer Camps, Gladiator FFA Director, U10-U12 Age Group Coordinator, OFC Coach 2006-2010, Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach 2010-Present.

Coaching Licenses:  U10/U12 Youth Module, USYSA National Youth License, USSF 'C' License

Playing Experience: Creighton University, Seattle Wolves (PCSL)

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? 
"I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club because our soccer program reflects the same values as the Elkhorn community and me as a coach. These values are centered on a pride in our community and a respect for the diversity of its people. These values keep our community and our club centered on what matters most, people.  People ask me all of the time why I choose to coach at Elkhorn versus the other clubs in town. I tell them, "I love the game of soccer. My number one goal as a coach is to help young athletes learn to play and love the game, developing the same passion and respect for the game that I have. At Elkhorn, I am empowered to achieve this goal and that just makes it a perfect fit."

Teams - G01 Ajax, G07 Ajax