Player of the Month - December

Player of the Month - December

Beginning in December 2016, Elkhorn Soccer Club will feature a player of the month for each of it's Hive, United, and A.D.O. branches of the club.

Hive December Player of the Month

Leyton Michaelis

Name: Leyton Michaelis

Age: 5 1/2 

Team:  U6 Hive and U7 Hive Bengals

Favorite Coach at ESC: Coach Justin (from her U7 team:)

Jersey Number: N/A

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite pre-game meal: Water and goldfish crackers 

Pre-game rituals or superstitions? Lots of toe taps

Favorite professional soccer team: U.S. Women's National Team

Favorite professional player: Carli Lloyd 

What is your favorite thing about playing soccer at Elkhorn SC? Scoring goals and seeing my friends.

What the coaches had to say about Leyton:

We asked Leyton to be player of the month for December because she has such a great passion for soccer. She has great individual technique and shows great mastery of the Coerver skills and moves we taught this past fall. We know how much Leyton loves practicing her skills at home and coloring in her Buzz sheets because we can see how much she improves every week! We're excited to have players like Leyton in the Hive because her passion for the game will allow her to reach her tremendous potential.