Hive Futsal


Hive Academy Winter Futsal Program for 5U-8U: 2020 dates TBD

What is Futsal?
Futsal originated in South America in the 1930’s when people in large crowded cities faced a shortage of soccer fields. To adjust to the small availability of grass and reduced space, players in Brazil and Uruguay were forced into playing small-sided games.

Futsal is played indoors, which informs the name. Combining the Spanish words for ‘hall’ (‘sala') and soccer (‘futbol’) the term futsal was coined.

Using a 5v5 format, the game is played indoors on hard floors with a smaller ball that is weighted in order to reduce bounce. Much like the outdoor game, boundaries are marked by lines instead of walls.

All winter futsal programs will be held at the new "Thrive Space" (formerly DC West Middle School) located at 800 N Front Street in Waterloo.