Fall 2017 Registration

The Fall Hive Season is OPEN!

Registration fees will include games, practices, directors, professional staff, operating costs, registration costs, land and facility costs; and, if applicable, referees, turf, and league costs.

For details please visit our registration page.  Registration closes JULY 31, so do not delay!


9U/10U begin training the week of August 14th, 2017
7U/8U begin training the week of August 28th, 2017
4U/5U/6U optional First Skills begin September 6th, and first games begin the weekend September 8th, 2017

Preparations are under way for the season. Please be mindful of the following happening behind the scenes:

  • We are open to those who are interested in being a volunteer coach or assistant coach. If you did not indicate so when registering your child, please reach out to the age group's director.
  • The Volunteer Coach pre-season meeting is August 7th for 9U/10U coaches, and August 16th for 4U-8U coaches.
  • Age group directors are in the process of creating and forming teams prior to the Coaches' Meeting August 7th.
    • When teams are formed, expect to be informed about your team placement.
  • Schedules will begin to be formed when teams are created and set. They will be shared by the end of August.


Uniform and Equipment*

All Hive players will be required to purchase a new uniform. Beginning August 1st, players can go to  Soccer Internationale, located at 132nd and West Center Road to purchase the new uniform. Let them know you are buying for an Elkhorn SC Hive player and what age group.

  • All players are expected to wear shinguards, soccer socks over their shinguards, athletic clothes, and soccer shoes.
  • Players who wear cleats are not permitted to wear non-soccer cleats that have a cleat on the toe.
  • Soccer ball size is determined by age. Players aged U8 and under should use a size 3 soccer ball. Players aged 9-12 should use a size 4 soccer ball.

*We encourage and prefer that all Elkhorn SC players to use adidas soccer balls and shoes


Training Dates by Age and Gender

A more detailed training schedule, by team, will be released shortly.

4U First Skills Training Fall 2017 at Bethany *optional

Wednesday's from 5:30-6:15pm, NO GAMES will be played for the 4U Hive players

5U-6U First Skills Training Schedule at Bethany *optional

Wednesday's from 6:30-7:30pm

7U-8U Hive Training Schedule Fall 2017 at ETC

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:30-6:30pm U8 Girls U7 Girls U8 Boys U7 Boys
6:45-7:45pm U8 Girls U7 Girls U8 Boys U7 Boys


9U/10U Hive Training Schedule Fall 2017 at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:30-6:30pm 9U Girls 10U Girls 9U Girls 10U Girls
6:45-7:45pm 9U Boys 10U Boys 9U Boys 10U Boys


• 5U-6U's will have practices included during their game time. Games are on Sunday afternoons.

• 7U-10U will have games take place on the weekends.


About Volunteer Coaches

Our volunteer coaches are expected to attend every game and practice, receive instruction from the age group director and professional staff, adhere to the training session, and be open and willing to learn from ESC staff. 

Hive head coaches will receive a refund on their child's registration fees upon completion of: Pre-season meeting attendance, KidSafe background check, and completion of the USSF F License. 

The refund amount you receive is dictated by the age of the team you are coaching:

$75 - 5U-8U

$100 - 9U-10U


Fall 2017 Fee Structure

Please observe the following fee structure and what your fees cover:


Age Fee Land & facility Fee includes Total cost
4U $75 $20 Turf, operating expenses, regisration costs, training, professional director $95
5U/6U $100 $20 Turf, operating expenses, registration costs, games, professional director $120
7U/8U $120 $20 Turf, professional director and staff, operating expenses, registration costs, training, games $140
9U/10U $165 $20 Professional director and staff, two training days, games, referees, operating expenses, registration costs, Hive Friendlies Registration $185