About the Hive Academy

About The Hive

“The Hive” is our total player development program for players who fall between 4 to 10 years of age.

The Hive curriculum and instruction are built around the core principles of: Skill, Speed, Strength, Spirit and Self-Expression.

Skill:  confidence and creativity with the ball

Speed: speed of thought and action

Strength:  building strong minds and bodies

Spirit: communication, respect, sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork

Sense: study, decision making, and responsibility


Each age group in The Hive is assigned a full-time "Age Group Director" who is a professional coach and has experience working with young soccer players.  The Age Group Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of their age group, which includes: training session design and execution, coaching and parent education and game-day management.  The Age Group Director works closely with professional and volunteer coaches to deliver top-notch instruction that follows a carefully designed club-wide curriculum.    

Team Formation and Programming: 

- Teams are formed based on school/neighborhood and coach requests.  

The Elkhorn Soccer Club strives to honor all coach and teammate requests; however, due to roster size limits, we are unable to guarantee all requests will be honored.

- Teams train one time per week under the supervision of the Age Group Director, professional club staff and volunteer coaches. 9U and 10U teams train two times per week.

- All teams play within The Hive in-house outdoor league and the 9U/10U age groups have the opportunity to participate in the ESC Hive Friendlies in August.  


Hive + (Plus)
Hive+ is designed to provide a more challenging training environment for players who have consistently demonstrated exceptional talent and potential. Coaches and club directors will recommend players for Hive+ training.  

Selected players will participate in a minimum of four training sessions per season with top ESC coaches.  

There is no additional fee for Hive+ training.