Club Philosphy

Club Philosophy

Developing The Person:  We are determined to have a positive influence on the development of every child and inspire them to seek excellence in all aspects of their lives. 

Developing The Player:  Our goal is to unlock the full potential of every child in a safe, positive and educational environment.



"Developing a Culture of Excellence"



Elkhorn Soccer Club leads the community in providing players with an opportunity to play competitive or developmental soccer. Players attain the appropriate environment commensurate with ability, potential, and interest.


Core Values/"Pillars of Excellence"

Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Discovery, Inclusion


Coaching "Culture Code"

1. We will prioritize a culture of sharing ideas and best practices to elevate each other as people and coaches.

2. We will demonstrate courtesy and respect towards everyone involved in the game.

3. We will develop a culture of excellence by holding ourselves to our own high standards.

4. We will be open, transparent and frequent communicators.

5. We will always represent the club in a positive and professional manner.

6. We will promote and demonstrate kindness and sportsmanship.

7. Our decisions will be made with the best interests of the players and the club in mind.

8. We will be life-long learners of the game and continually seek ways to improve.

9. We will work in a collegial manner in order to develop our players and advance the club.

10. We will not measure success by wins and losses. We will measure it by our attitude, effort, and commitment. Winning will always be a byproduct if we do the right things. We will never sacrifice development for results.

11. We will develop the athlete and person (total player/person development.)

12. We will always operate within the rules and spirit of the game and teach our players to do the same.

13. We will strive to be excellent instructors and positive role models.

14. We will create a fun and competitive environment for our players to reach their goals (serious fun.)

15. We will educate our families on soccer development.